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πŸ‰Sunshine Boy is a slice of life story about the difficulties of parenthood and self acceptance. A lot of events are based around the author's childhood and how they grew up.

πŸ‰Content warning: Bullying, drug use, racism, body shaming & emotional stress.

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You can call me Moo or Lee. I currently live in Canada. I love cats and children of course! I used to work with kids and babysat throughout middle school and high school. I am the youngest with 2 older brothers raised by a single mom.

FOR OLD READERS: Some things were difficult for me to write that I have revised the writing to be less upsetting for new readers and myself. Thank you for staying loyal to my work and I hope you enjoy the rewrite of this story!

FOR NEW READERS: Thank you for taking the time to read my story!


What are the main character's pronouns?

Pronouns are in the cast page! Kelly goes by he/him but will switch to he/they as they get older.

What's the setting (time and/or place) of Sunshine Boy?

The time era is set in the 21st century. All places are made up specifically for the SB-verse.

Lynford = Anna's hometown where Kelly grew up.

Oloburn = Where the main characters currently live.

What are the main character's sexuality and/or identity?

Kelly: Demi-boy / Pansexual

Grey: Cis / Gay

Marcus: Transman / Bisexual

Does Kelly have any kind of resentment towards his parents for leaving him with their grandparents before moving in together?

Yes, even just a little bit, he thought they cared more about each other than him.

Why does Kurt care about his mom even when he's been mistreated?

His mother would give him affection and kindness after the abuse that he thinks she still loves him.

What made you want to write about SB?

I've had an eventful childhood and kept a journal of things that happened in my life. So a lot of the story is very personal

to the people I've met and the things I've learned.

What was your inspiration to designing the characters?

My favorite manga is Detective Conan, some of my characters look similar to them in a way.