Hiveworks Comics




(Pictured: 10 years old.)

Kelly has a very sunny atmosphere making him easy to approach.  He's soft spoken but isn't afraid to show his dislike for something. Kelly enjoys learning new things and making friends. His favorite things are strawberries and swimming. He hates mushy eggplant and when people yell.



(Pictured: 10 years old.)

Grey has a sarcastic and cheeky attitude that might put off others. He can be extremely caring once you get to know him. His sense of humor is often quick witted and blunt. He loves all animals, especially ocean creatures. He hates being bossed around and sour foods.



(Pictured: 16 years old.)

Marcus is a reliable friend and has a sense of big brother responsibility. Marcus works at the Pizza Me that's a family owned business. He's Grey's godbrother and has helped looked after Grey since he was born. He likes to sleep in on weekends and loves kids a lot!



(She/Her & He/Him)

Anna: Kelly’s mom, Kelly acts a lot like Anna in terms of sweetness but she can be scary when she's angry. She runs a flower shop/crafts store called Thistle with her friend Sacha.

Kurt: Kelly’s dad, he tends to be very paranoid and overly protective of Kelly. He has a hard time talking about his worries. He's a rugby coach.


(He/Him & She/Her)

Jonas: Grey’s dad, he has difficulty in showing affection to Grey and comes off distant. He works real estate. Grey gets his sense of dry humor from Jo.

Madeleine: Grey’s mom, mostly absent around the house because of work. She spoils Grey with gifts because of this. She's the CEO of Melon Digital (An electronics brand in the SB-verse).



Mr. T:  5th grade teacher. He's comfortable to talk to and tries his best to understand why his students act out.

Mr. B:  5th and 6th grade teacherDislikes by a lot of students for his sternness. 

Mrs. C:  7th and 8th grade teacher. She's more used to dealing with the older kids and tends to scare the little ones when she yells.


Ty:  Very friendly and sociable, Grey sees him as a friend but doesn't want to admit it.

Logan:  Comes off rude without meaning to and doesn't understand others don't like being teased. 

Sam:  Can be a bit forward and is shy around other girls.


Riley:  A bit of a teacher's pet and hates trouble makers.

Val:  Doesn't like to get involved in others business and enjoys sharing her snacks with her friends. 

Chris:  Has a crush on Grey that doesn't go anywhere. She admires Riley's leadership skills.

Lance: A forgetful kid that only Kelly seems to notice.



(He/They & She/Her & She/They)

Kangee Asher: Anna's dad. He's an emotional person who has a lot of love in his heart. They quickly became attached to Kelly as soon as he was born.

Charissa Asher: Anna's mom. She's a logical person that thinks about pros and cons of every situation. She can be a bit ditzy though.

Benji: Kurt's childhood friend. She's a very loyal friend and they aren't a pushover. They're one of the only people who knows the hardships Kurt has gone through.